Impetuous Performance through the Holy Spirit

It was Saturday, May 16th 2015. I had appointments unforeseen in new, yet familiar places. Early that morning instead of having time to carefully plan for an anticipated venture to Abilene, I was helping at my church’s workday. I was told and blindly believed that it was a seven hour drive to Abilene from where we were, so I roughly planned my departure time. It came to be that very time of day, so I hopped in my vehicle and proceeded North. As I make my first stop to prepare for the long haul, I turn on my GPS and enter the desired coordinates. I discover the navigational discrepancy! In other words, I was drivin’ along, minding my business, when out of the blue colored sky, wham! Bam! Wally-ka-flam! I realize I have two whole extra hours to spare in my travels. I immediately figure in the fact that I have my acoustic guitar and a small PA in the trunk of my appropriately named Dodge Journey. There was a strong desire to put to use my time and talent. I open my Yelp! app and start searching for a place that I could possibly bless others with my gifts. The first couple of locations I searched were closed. I changed the town of my inquiry and discover the Pop Top Coffee Shop. I call ahead to acquire their business hours, which lined up perfectly with the time expected for me to get there. Everything was falling into place. I get to the coffee shop and start to check the place out. (I had no intentions of going in strings blazing.) I get a coffee, which was incredibly delicious, and meet the owners/operators. I talk with them a bit and feel as though this is the right place and time to share what God has given me. I ask one of the owners if I may perform for them. He kindly obliges my request. I gather my equipment, which in this case had no need for use of a PA. I begin to play and I see the owners sigh of relief, in that I do not sound like the bird from little mermaid. I proceed to play for over an hour and have a wonderful time with all the lovely people in the coffee shop. After playing I enjoyed continuing to get to know the owners. They are truly lovely people and blessed me with their kindness and generosity. The coffee shop began to close as I went on my way to the original destination. This was a festive, friendly, fresh, formidable, impetuously fun, God experience that brought great joy to all parties involved! Holy Spirit guided the whole thing. It reminds me of the adventures of Phillip in Acts 8. Although there may have not been any physical healing, I believe there were blessings and prosperity declared over the city, business, owners, and supporters of the Pop Top Coffee Shop. May God bless that wonderful place!

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Published by robertbpope

I am a youth pastor, worship leader, DJ and professional musician.

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