Worship Isle Five Student Ministry

Friday May 22nd, 2015 a group of undoubtably bold youth went to their local grocery store with ardent permission from general manager Michael Medved at the Kroger in Willis, Texas. They praised unashamed of any depiction the onlooking public may have formed. They truly worshiped God in spirit and truth that day. Even others inContinue reading “Worship Isle Five Student Ministry”

Impetuous Performance through the Holy Spirit

It was Saturday, May 16th 2015. I had appointments unforeseen in new, yet familiar places. Early that morning instead of having time to carefully plan for an anticipated venture to Abilene, I was helping at my church’s workday. I was told and blindly believed that it was a seven hour drive to Abilene from where weContinue reading “Impetuous Performance through the Holy Spirit”